Dear Emmett

Dear Emmett,

Today you are one year old! The best surprise I ever received. Over the last year I tried so hard to hold on to every moment. To breathe in your sweet baby smell while you were snuggled on my chest. To slow down and enjoy these moments because I knew how fast it would go.


It’s been one whole year, how can time possibly go that fast. I’m left wondering if I held on enough, if I slowed down enough, and if I enjoyed enough.


Watching you grow is so bittersweet. I want to keep you little and close to my chest, I want to breathe in that sweet baby smell of yours, I want to be able to pick you up and hold you whenever I please. But one day.. one day all too soon, you’ll be too big to hold. Your legs instead will wrap around me and you’ll rest your head on my shoulder.


One day all too soon, that sweet baby smell will be gone. One day all too soon you’ll be running down the hall with your sister instead of being wrapped in a baby wrap on my chest.  And those moments will be full of wonder, laughter, and love. Those moments will be amazing and fill my heart with joy. But I’ll still deeply miss these moments. I miss them already and they aren’t gone yet.

So until then, I’m going to continue to soak in the moments. I’m gonna hold on just a little longer to the 2 am feedings. I’m going to enjoy you and your littleness.  Because one day all too soon.. you’ll grow.


I love you so much sweet baby boy!


The day you were born…one year ago!


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