Daddy/uncle date night

Mommy, Brittany, and Andre decided to go out for the night and I got to go out in a date with my favorite kiddos. We went to a park in downtown Huntington Beach that was awesome. They ran so much and climbed all over everything.

Excitement level?

Walking to the park. Hold hands and be safe!

Milo liked to spin this thing.

Next fire truck time!

The big play area. Two stories!

And a rock wall

I must’ve been helicoptering so much saying to be careful that they decided to make it into a song. Haha.

Then back into the big truck for dinner.

We went to claim jumper. Their kids menu items are HUGE! Milo ate a crazy amount I actually had to stop feeding him. I would’ve been full with the amount he ate.

Then it was off to home. Bath time and then milo got to play choo choos with the new table from the August family! It’s pretty sweet!

And then sleepy time! Daddy was more tired than they were from our date.

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