Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 was so magical! Watching the pure joy your kids have on Christmas is so special (even at 5am). thank you to everyone who made this year so special!

Annual Engstrom family Christmas party! All the great-grandkids (2nd cousins).

Emmett enjoying the Christmas lights.

Cookie decorating

The eve of Christmas Eve

Homemade Benihana meal brought to us by Derek.

Special bears made out of Bumble’s clothes for the kids. She would always wear blue and white striped shirts! Thanks Gigi!!!

Christmas Eve

Valerie put on her police outfit and didn’t want to take it off!

Santa didn’t have to wait up too late to swing by as Valerie and Emmett were both sleeping by 9:15!

Christmas Day!

We were all up for various reasons at 5am so we decided it was time to start opening presents!

Valerie asked for a Cheetah and a dragon from Santa this year… guess she was a good girl!

It’s snowing!

Derek and I did a little target practice.

Valerie loves her new Disney Cruz bedding!

Thank you Santa!

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