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Random 2.5 year old stuff

Wearing daddy and mommy’s shoes is one of her favorite things to do. Trips to Costco with big bear hugs! Jumping off of everything!! Christmas came early for Valerie thanks to Auntie Lisa and cousin Chrissy! “I love it”!  


Valerie and I had some fun with the snapchat filters again today! It wasn’t until the last picture I realized I could save them.

Daddy/uncle date night

Mommy, Brittany, and Andre decided to go out for the night and I got to go out in a date with my favorite kiddos. We went to a park in downtown Huntington Beach that was awesome. They ran so much and climbed all over everything. Excitement level? Walking to the park. Hold hands and be…


And so it begins. She has been very interested in my make-up so I cleaned out my MAC compact and gave her my brush and she knew exactly what to do!

Thank you pampers!

I’ve been collecting pampers points since Valerie was born and after 2.5 years I finally cashed in my points and got a red plasmacar! Valerie loves it! It’s fun for adults too! She rides it to school every morning and daddy usually sends me a pic!

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