Category: 2 Years Old

Benihana birthday celebration

The tradition continues and the kids love it too! Valerie ate more food than she ever has in one sitting. We celebrated both Brittany and Derek’s birthdays! If you haven’t registered for your free Benihana meal you gotta get on it!

G & G weekend!

Milo and Valerie got to spend the weekend with Grammy and Grams while we celebrated Brittany’s 30th birthday! This is what the kids were up to… This is what the parents were up to…

No more “CiCi”

A bitter sweet realization that our baby girl is no longer a “baby”. Since 33 weeks gestation/ 1 week old, she has sucked on her cici. She was introduced to the pacifier before she learned to eat to teach her the sucking reflex and she/ we have relied on it to soothe her up until…

Valerie’s 2nd Birthday Party

Valerie’s 2nd birthday party was brought to you by the #2 and the letter B!      Valerie’s 2, her birthday fell on a Saturday so we were able to have her party on her actual birthday!  She LOVES Elmo so we had an Elmo themed party with life sized Elmo and Big Bird balloons.…

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