Bumble’s Memory Week

In memory of Bumble Bee Grandma we traveled to Lexington Kentucky to see her apartment and new city she recently moved to earlier this year. Her apartment was picture perfect and so contemporary for an 81 year old! The kids had fun swimming in her pool too!

These pictures were taken at the shopping/dining area just steps away from her apartment. There was also a fun little farm type play area for kids.

We had an intimate celebration of life for Bumble Bee at a small church she had attended. Christina read a beautiful eulogy, a prerecorded song “How Great Thou Art” was played by Nicole at the request of Bumble, the flower arrangements were hand crafted by Nicole, and a lady at the church put the below video collage together for our family.


The gold overlay on the bulletin was a shout out to the butterfly that the church gave to Bumble at the Easter service.  (The butterfly is what clasps it closed)

The picture of Bumble on the bulletin was taken at our wedding on 7/1/12 in Hawaii. The photographer captured her watching something on the dance floor that made her smile.

The following pictures were taken at Dudley’s on Short where we had lunch after the service. The only person you may not recognize who joined us in celebrating Bumble is Daryl, Bumble’s step son.

Nicole organized everything for our family which included a bourbon distillery tour at Buffalo Trace, a family photo shoot, a tour of Lexington (Old Friends Farm, Woodford Reserve Distillery, and the Henry Clay house) and lots of good food!

Buffalo Trace distillery tour:

Family photo shoot was a success! Here are a few teasers.

Our tour of Lexington was on a private bus for our family that educated us on everything horses. We stopped at Old Friends Farm which is the home to Popcorn Deelites, the star of the movie Sea Biscuit. Shown in the following pictures as the horse on the right.

Woodford Reserve Distillery… we learned how to sip on bourbon correctly! It was also incredibly hot on the tour which is why we all look like we are melting!


The Henry Clay house tour.

We spent some time at the Gilbride’s house playing with the pups, Adeline’s toys, and even made some ice cream in a ball we rolled around (thanks Uncle Brad).

More pictures!

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