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Jurassic Tour

Grammy and Grams took us to the Jurassic Tour today. The kids loved it and got the chance to ride so many dinosaurs!

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 was so magical! Watching the pure joy your kids have on Christmas is so special (even at 5am). thank you to everyone who made this year so special! Annual Engstrom family Christmas party! All the great-grandkids (2nd cousins). Emmett enjoying the Christmas lights. Cookie decorating The eve of Christmas Eve Homemade Benihana meal…

All Things Halloween 2018

Dia De Los Muertos festival where our family thought it was a dress up event but it wasn’t. Everyone loved Zurg and wanted to take pictures with him. Sock monkey costume that Milo wore back in 2015. Boo at the Santa Ana Zoo Buzz Lightyear visits Disneyland   School “trick or treating” Trick or treating…

Sick days

The kiddos have been sick recently so daddy stayed home with them. We got a little tired of sitting at home so we ventured out for a little bit. Of course we did Benihana the night before… and then breakfast. She loves pancakes! and then the park and then we played in the jumpy and…

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